Shape. Sharpen. Smooth.

Change is accelerating and your business can either react to or lead the transformation. To stay relevant, you need collaboration, agility, and an every-day approach to strategy. Grindstone Strategic does just that, by helping your leaders translate strategy into action.

Shape your vision. Sharpen your team. Smooth your tactical implementation.


Shaping your strategy is a matter of applying the needs of your business to our four-step process.


Define the scope of your planning effort and the issues and/or opportunities that drive your need for strategy. We’ll determine the forces within your company and industry that are creating these issues and opportunities and identify research needed to inform our thinking.


Establish your planning team, craft assumptions, identify stakeholders, and develop a timeline. We’ll craft this into a Planning Program that captures your cadence for developing, executing, monitoring, and refining your strategy.


Gather your planning team for a hands-on workshop to gain agreement on the current situation, establish a future state, and select the priorities that will ensure you attain that vision.


Initiate an ongoing cadence of “track, review, refine” and put together the tools, training and touchpoints that ensure your vision is embraced by everyone in the company and executed to plan.

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Already shaped your plan?

Call us for a review and we’ll chat about how we can sharpen and smooth your implementation.


Strategy execution starts with sharpening your team and aligning everyone with your vision.

We’ll assess your leadership and organization design to sharpen your team, using proven organizational effectiveness tools such as Communication, Recognition, Training, Leadership Development; Talent Management; Executive Coaching; Teambuilding; Change Management; and Diversity Equity, Inclusion & Belonging.


With an every-day focus on strategy your organization will run smoothly and function like a well-oiled machine.

All you need is a steady meeting cadence to drive efficiency, along with the tools and processes to support new ways of working. A smooth operating cadence takes time and rigor that’s worth the payback in employee engagement and profitability.


“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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We make strategy part of your daily management routine and support your leaders and workforce in translating vision into action. As your strategy partner, we help you shape a future vision, sharpen your team, and smooth your tactical implementation.

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