Introducing Grindstone Strategic

Introducing Grindstone Strategic, a strategy consulting firm that partners with ag companies to shape their visions, sharpen their teams, and smooth their tactical implementation. We make strategy part of the daily management routine and support leaders in translating vision into action.

Every business has an origin story and Grindstone’s began in December 2020, the last month of one of the most challenging years in modern history. That’s when, like so many other professionals, my job was eliminated. It happens. It was a blessing.

Throughout my life, I’ve nudged others — sometimes gently, more often boldly — to look at a situation differently, to take the next step, to reach for more. I’ve asked tough questions and pushed for clearer answers. I’ve been told that my nudging was the catalyst for expanding a business, joining the C-suite, and refining a sales pitch. “Your tough questioning during a cold call made me a better salesman,” said Lee Anderson, co-owner of Ignition Studio. “You forced me to sharpen my sales pitch and that shaped the direction of our start-up.” That interaction inspired Lee and his business partner Gordon Bottum to give me a nickname: “Grindstone.”

In the beginning, that term of endearment was reserved for their ears only. Fast forward to October 2021, when I hired Lee and Gordon to help me develop the brand for my new business, it’s no surprise that weeks of creative exploration kept bringing us back to their best idea. The idea grounded in who I am as a businessperson: someone who guides, supports, and nudges — most often boldly — others to set a course, roll up their sleeves, and get to work. “Grindstone.”

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In the meantime, stay sharp!